Every autistic person should be able to live life to the full, in an environment where they are respected, valued and empowered. Together, we can achieve this.

The Autism Centre of Excellence (ACE) will harness the strengths of the University of Cambridge to turn world-class research into world-class services.

Research and services will work together to ensure the most effective outcomes for autistic people of all ages – from timely diagnosis, to individually tailored therapy or life skills, education and employment support.

Designed in 2020, the centre will open in 2024 once funding is secured. ACE will be truly international as it can be accessed online from anywhere in the world, to transform autistic people’s lives. ACE is also a development of its predecessor charity, the Autism Research Trust, which has successfully funded research since 2010.

Shaped by autistic people

ACE will be the UK’s first national clinical and research centre designed with autistic people and their families. This is achieved via the ACE Advisory Board.  

Our values

ACE does not seek a cure for autism, and ACE does not seek to prevent or eradicate it. Instead, ACE advocates for human rights for autistic people, and promotes evidence-based interventions that can help autistic people and their families to alleviate distress. ACE will support every autistic person to fulfil their potential and live a happy and rewarding life.

For decades, autistic people and their families have not received timely support or enough support.

Help provide autistic people with the support they need.

ACE researchers

Everyone is different

The autism spectrum is broad and the needs of autistic people and their families vary tremendously. 

About ACE

ACE will be the first centre in the UK to offer a comprehensive range of evidence-based therapies and interventions, co-designed by and for autistic people, whatever their age, life stage or ability.

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