Create your own fundraising event

Would you like to fundraise for the Autism Centre of Excellence at Cambridge? We are here to help and inspire you with materials, creative ideas and bags of enthusiasm to get you on your way!

Follow the steps below to make your fundraising activity a success.

Step 1. Choose your event

Your event is more likely to be a success if it’s enjoyable, so choose something you love and turn it into a charity opportunity. Remember as well as in-person events, there are also plenty of virtual challenges to consider, too!


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Step 2. Set up a fundraising page

Online fundraising is one of the quickest and safest ways of raising money. Simply use a portal such as Just Giving to create your own page, personalise it with your story and photos and email the link to everyone you know. Your sponsors can donate quickly and easily online.


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Step 3. Spread your message

Share your campaign widely: social media, posters, emails to friends and family for them to pass on. You never know when your message will reach someone also passionate about improving the lives of autistic people.


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Step 4. Let us know about your fundraising

Keep us updated about your fundraising so we can help you publicise, and if you need any general help please email the team at


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I completed the Redcar Half Marathon! Running is against what my body naturally wants to do but when it was painful and I wanted to stop I thought about everything I asked Jonty to do everyday that was painful or alien to him. And I kept going.” 

Frances Lloyd


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Supporting us is ensuring autistic people are listened to

The Advisory board consults on research studies, ensuring they are relevant and important to autistic people and their families. 

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The Autism Centre of Excellence at Cambridge (ACE) is a science-led campaigning charity working closely with Cambridge University’s Autism Research Centre. Our aim is to improve access to high quality support and remove barriers and stigma for autistic people.

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