Our mission is to help 10,000 autistic people into employment over the next 10 years.

Just 30% of autistic people are in employment.

This shocking statistic is why we have made tackling the high unemployment rate among autistic people one of our main priorities.

We’ve made it our mission to help 10,000 autistic people into employment over the next 10 years.

The Autism Employment Network

The Autism Employment Network is the first step in our mission.

Our research has identified that there are lots of projects already working to support autistic people into employment – but these often focus on graduates, offering internships and jobs in certain industries.

This leaves many under-supported autistic groups, such as people with additional disabilities, fewer formal qualifications, complex care needs, or those from marginalised groups. Many of whom have valuable skills to offer and desperately want employment opportunities – which we know is a vital in ensuring wellbeing.

We want all autistic people to be able to find the right employment for them.

There are countless small, local organisations across the UK that offer help to these under-supported groups. These organisations – from cafes and restaurants to shops and farms – are doing incredible work, changing people’s lives.

Working with and learning from these organisations, we’ve created a network to help them thrive, grow and overcome their challenges – so they can offer more opportunities to autistic people and encourage other businesses to follow their lead.

Together we can make a real difference.

The network is a free online platform for small, local organisations supporting autistic people to:

  • build relationships and work together
  • share knowledge, experience and skills
  • access resources
  • find support in areas such as fundraising, communications, marketing and developing a digital presence
  • connect with influencers and partners


Join the Autism Employment Network

The Autism Employment Network is open to any UK-based organisation that supports autistic people into employment – from providing paid employment to volunteer opportunities, work experience placements or vocational training.

Read the Network Criteria to find out if you’re organisation is eligible to join.

Webinar: Helping Employers say yes

Creating opportunities for autistic people to transition into employment

11am on 12 July 2024 

With guest presenter, Elena Vidal, Head of Careers/ Outreach at the Courtyard School and Team Leader at the London Neurodiversity Network (LNN).

FREE for members of the Autism Employment Network

Visit or Join the the Network to register for the Webinar.

Want to support our work?

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