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Would you like to invest in our work with a significant gift? You will be starting a valuable journey to make sure every autistic person can live life to the full.

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Whether you are an individual, trust or corporate donor, we believe in building deep, long-standing relationships and can help you meet your philanthropic objectives and demonstrate the impact of your support. From funding large-scale research to key posts for an agreed duration, there is real opportunity to open doors to life-changing support for autistic people.


  • We will help direct your donation towards the issues and areas of work you feel most passionate about.
  • We will keep you updated on how your donation is spent and the impact it is making.
  • You will be able to go behind the scenes and visit our services and research centres of excellence.
  • We will send you invitations to our talks and events, where you can meet like-minded philanthropists and speak with our researchers and partner organisations.

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With your help, autistic people and their families will be closer to getting the evidence-based support they need and deserve. 

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It’s hard for me being autistic and it can be upsetting and exhausting for my family. It helps us a lot to know there are people out there who care, and want to help make things easier and better.” 


9 years old

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More than 1% of the population is autistic. But sadly, most autistic people do not receive good quality support. Find out why we created the Autism Centre of Excellence and what we aim to achieve together.

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The Autism Centre of Excellence at Cambridge (ACE) is a science-led campaigning charity working closely with Cambridge University’s Autism Research Centre. Our aim is to improve access to high quality support and remove barriers and stigma for autistic people.

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