Evaluating interventions and support

The research team works closely with clinical, educational and occupational support services to implement evidence-based best practice.

Our research is aimed at applying scientific methods to challenges faced by autistic people and to the services they are offered. In partnership with service providers across the world, we can develop interventions that are proven to help and improve the lives of autistic people. 

Examples of research projects

Can Oxytocin help?

Aims: To test whether inhaling oxytocin can help autistic people with behavioural and cognitive challenge, and understand the wider effects of using this hormone. 

Mindreading – digital resource

Aims: To provide an online tool for autistic children and adults to help teach emotion recognition. Whilst autistic people are one group who might benefit, Mindreading is valuable for a much wider set of groups of individuals too, such as those with ADHD or who are shy or anxious or with learning disabilities.

ACE researchers

Supporting us is ensuring autistic people are listened to

The Advisory board consults on research studies, ensuring they are relevant and important to autistic people and their families. 

About Us

The Autism Centre of Excellence at Cambridge (ACE) is a science-led campaigning charity working closely with Cambridge University’s Autism Research Centre. Our aim is to improve access to high quality support and remove barriers and stigma for autistic people.

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