Eight out of ten autistic adults are unemployed. The Autism Centre of Excellence at Cambridge will work with employers and researchers to change that.

The Autism Centre of Excellence at Cambridge (ACE) is combining world class research with ground-breaking initiatives with partner organisations such as Universal Music UK to:

  1. Develop and endorse best practice in employing autistic people, including role creation, advertising, recruitment, and supporting autistic employees once they are in post.
  2. Identify and champion the strengths that autistic people can bring to organisations.
  3. Signpost autistic people to employment opportunities.

Autistic people will be included in the work to ensure that the aims and methodologies are in line with their preferences. All elements of the project will be underpinned by evidence-based best practices; where evidence is not currently available or needs strengthening, we will work with partners to develop the best possible research and evaluation options.

The Autism Centre of Excellence team provided invaluable input throughout the development and launch of Creative Differences, the first handbook for embracing neurodiversity in the creative industries. They continue to help us support autistic people working at the company, from the interview stage to providing individual mentors.”

David Joseph

Chairman and CEO, Universal Music UK

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The Autism Centre of Excellence at Cambridge (ACE) is a science-led campaigning charity working closely with Cambridge University’s Autism Research Centre. Our aim is to improve access to high quality support and remove barriers and stigma for autistic people.

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